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On Thursday April 25, from 12.15 – 13.00 hrs, The AI group will host an online lunch lecture on “Trustworthy AI”.

Trustworthy to whom? No trustworthy AI without critical public participation – by Hao Wang (WUR)

When discussing trustworthy AI, we usually focus on a list of basic values like transparency, privacy, and accountability etc. While these aspects are essential for ethical AI development, this narrow focus can overlook some broader issues that deeply shake public trust in AI. Instead of solely promoting trust, I propose integrating “justified distrust” as a crucial element into the AI design process to ensure that AI are genuinely trustworthy.

Hao Wang is a Postdoc Researcher in the ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of AI) Lab at Wageningen University & Research. He’s working on an innovative ELSA approach to whip up AI technologies for sustainable agriculture that are not only deliciously smart but also following the ethical, legal and societal rules shared by academia, government, business and civil society.

What can philosophy and ethics bring us in navigating the AI era? – by Patricia Jaspers (TU/e)

This talk discusses the interconnected realms of trust, ethics, and governance in the context of artificial intelligence (AI).
By blending insights from diverse disciplines, it explores how these elements shape the responsible development and regulation of AI technologies.
This presentation aims to provoke thoughtful dialogue and catalyze collaborative efforts towards fostering a future where AI is not only technically proficient but also ethically and socially responsible.
Patricia Jaspers is  Managing Director EAISI at the TU Eindhoven AI Systems Institute

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You can register here for this Lunch & Learn session