Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht engage in cross-disciplinary collaboration in the fields in which they complement each other. This cooperation expresses itself in different research areas and in collaborative teaching. To give this a boost, several working groups have been set up that will further elaborate these themes.

Building on experience
In the past, the four institutions have already worked together in many areas of research. Among other things, this resulted in the successful joint Master’s programmes Regenerative Medicine and Medical Imaging. There are also a series of ongoing joint research projects, such as in the fields of regenerative medicine (i.e., researching a gel for cardiac regeneration), social fuels, and energy storage in porous materials.

Collaboration with external partners
The alliance also emphatically seeks to cooperate with external partners in the business community and in society. Please contact the coordinator of the alliance if you are looking for opportunities for collaboration.