The Board of the alliance of Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht consists of the portfolio holders for Education and Research on the boards of the institutions. 

Prof. dr. Silvia Lenaerts,

Rector Magnificus, Eindhoven University of Technology

Prof. dr. Carolien Kroeze,

Rector Magnificus and Vice President of Wageningen University & Research

Prof. dr. Anton Pijpers,

President of the Executive Board Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Henk Kummeling,

Rector Magnificus, Utrecht University

Prof. dr. Arno Hoes,

Dean and Vice President of the Executive Board, University Medical Centre Utrecht

Secretary of the Board


alliance coordinator


The Board of the alliance receives expertise-related support from the alliance coordinator and the members of the Core Team. It receives organisational support from the Programme Team.


Core Team
Renee Westenbrink, TU/e,
Hilde Bos, WUR,
Alieke Bloem,
Saskia de Weerd, UMC Utrecht,

Programme Team
Communications advisor
Jacqueline Collewijn
06 34 19 69 64

Event manager
Helma van Luttikhuizen
06 81 03 13 69

Project support
Liesbeth Sanders
06 38 56 31 57

General Assembly

The alliance’s General Assembly consists of the deans of Eindhoven University of Technology and of Utrecht University, the managing directors of Wageningen University & Research and the chairs of the focal areas of University Medical Centre Utrecht.

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