Working group Impact

The main goal of the working group Impact is to contribute to the societal and economical impact of the alliance. The working group supports the alliance and its substantive working groups and focuses on the main themes and priorities of the collaboration.

Seed Fund

The alliance offers staff members the opportunity to explore new interdisciplinary connections between the partner institutions by means of a Seed Fund.

Collaboration in education

The alliance cooperates with the Ministry of Defence on the Food for Health and Safety Challenge looking for a new food concept for military forces in training and on missions.

Grants Unusual Collaborations

To stimulate unusual collaborations the Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo) has set up two grants: the Spark Grant and Unusual Collaborations Grant.

Events and conferences

The institutions have organised a succesful official launch event on 2 December 2020 in the presence of Minister van Engelshoven. They will organise conferences every year. The partners have published a magazine to celebrate their collaboration.

In the press

Grants and Awards