Preventive Health

An important theme in the cooperation between TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht is Preventive Health. This theme offers solutions both for a better life with any of a number of conditions and for preventing these conditions. The goal is to stay healthy longer and to unburden the healthcare system.

Social issues
Our healthcare system is under great stress. There are large disparities in health as a result of different education levels and economic conditions. The decisions and behaviour of citizens influence their health: consider, for example, food, exercise, smoking or alcohol. We are still falling short in getting citizens to make healthy decisions and behavioural changes. Moreover, urbanisation raises questions about the influence of the physical living environment on our health, and the ageing population is increasing the demand on healthcare.

Preventing disease requires an integral approach to health. People are not just biological beings; they are also social beings who make behavioural decisions and interact with their (physical) environment. The interplay between these aspects determines the health of not just individuals but groups as well. New technologies are making it possible to monitor health accurately and offer customised preventive care. The research involves collaboration on this integral approach.

Roadmap 2024 – 2027

The strategic focus for the upcoming four years is described in the Roadmap Preventive Health 2024 – 2027 (pdf).

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