Living Technologies

Living Technology is technology based on mechanisms that occur in living beings for instance at the cellular level. It allows us to make significant progress in healthcare, agriculture and the development of new materials. For example, it is possible to test medicines on a patient’s cells outside of the patient’s body. This allows for a very precise prediction of their effects and side-effects.

Solutions that have an impact
The Living Technologies programme builds on the existing strengths of TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht in the fields of molecular and synthetic biology and biomedical technology. New technologies are being developed for controlling (multi)cellular behaviour, allowing us to improve the health of people and the environment.

The Centre for Living Technologies (CLT) is being set up to achieve this mission. The CLT operates as a platform that stimulates groundbreaking research in molecular life sciences. The centre focuses on fields of research in which the four institutions complement each other’s expertise and that offer opportunities for synergy. This strengthens each individual institution as well as the alliance.

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