Living Technologies

21st century challenges in human, animal and environmental health require 21st century solutions. The Living Technologies programme aims to develop bio-based technologies by introducing new functionalities onto living cells and explore how these technologies can be used to improve the health of people, animals and the environment. The programme builds on and integrates existing strengths in life science research of the four institutions within this domain to push 21st century biotechnology innovations.

Solutions that have an impact

The Living Technologies programme investigates how new biological functions can be designed from the molecular to multicellular scale. The width of resulting innovations from such living technologies are enormous. Impact is anticipated on disease prevention, on the development of personalized, curative treatments, and targeted bio-approaches that address environmental health and circularity.


The Centre for Living Technologies (CLT) is being set up to achieve this mission. This virtual center will stimulate the development of living technologies in its broadest sense through 1) stimulating platform activities where scientists and society can meet, 2) defining scientific missions related to living technologies and 3) providing and organizing enabling technologies. The Centre for Living Technologies will act as an infrastructure for the four institutions and (regional) partners to accelerate fundamental research of living technologies and their applications.

Roadmap 2024 – 2027

The strategic focus for the upcoming four years is described in the Roadmap Living Technologies 2024 – 2027 (pdf).

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