Entrepreneurial Education Network

The Entrepreneurial Education Network (EEN) is initiated by the alliance and wishes to unite professionals in entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship, who work in and around higher education. With bi-monthly meet-ups, we provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences, meet like-minded colleagues from other institutions and network. Anyone interested in entrepreneurial learning in higher education can join this network.

EEN will foster cross-institutional collaboration by: 

  • Being the point of contact for all involved stakeholders;
  • Driving the dialogue about entrepreneurial learning, to learn from each other’s practices;
  • Stimulating the implementation of state-of-the-art entrepreneurial education practices;
  • Advocating on behalf of all entrepreneurial educators on issues that are more systemic to national organizations like VSNU, ministries, etc.

The UU Centre for Entrepreneurship is the point of contact regarding EEN.

More information on the Entrepreneurial Education Network and how to join