De Zalen van Zeven - Bollenhofsestraat 138a Utrecht

The third Student Guidance Exchange Day will be in Utrecht and will focus on two topics “Community: UU pilot academic families” and “Inclusion: UU platform Studying without Limitations”. There will be enough time to connect with each other during 3 organized dates, our proven method of informal exchange.


09:30 – Entry and Coffee/tea
10.00 – Welcome by chair of the day and explanation of the day
10.05 – Alliance update

10.15 – Topic 1: inclusion; introduction of UU student driven ‘Platform Studying without

Studying without Limitations is a peer to peer initiative for students with a disability at Utrecht University. It consists of a general platform as well as a buddy program. The platform consisting of experts by experience gives information about who to contact if you have a disability, which resources are available and how to deal with matters such as lodgings, work or student life. The buddy program is made by students and is for students with a disability. You can meet up with someone who listens to experiences, someone to make an organized schedule with, or someone to study with.

11.00 – Pick up your coffee & tea and go on date 1
11.55 – Wrap-up of the topic 1
12:30 – Lunch (vega for all) – possibility to go for a walk with (new) friends

13.30 – Topic 2: How to form an awarding academic community structure? Introducing the
Utrecht University pilot ‘Academic Families’.

At one of the faculties of Utrecht University, a pilot project called Academic Families was started. The aim of the project was to strengthen personal bonds and a sense of belonging throughout all layers of the department. An Academic Family consists of a mix of 8 to 10 first year or new bachelor and master students and PhD’s/postdocs or teachers/researchers, together with some older year bachelor or master students, and experienced PhDs, teacherresearchers, support staff, and/or professors. For each Academic Family, there was a great deal of autonomy in the design of activities and meetings.

14.00 – Pick up your coffee & tea and go on date 2
14.45 – Sugar break
15.00 – Utrecht walk and/or date 3

15.45 – Wrap-up of the day & looking forward

More information and registration

There are no fees for participating. There is no need to have attended the previous exchange days. Please let the organizing person of your own institution know if you will be present:
TU/e: Yves Houben
WUR: Edith Rasch
UU: Ruben van Doorn
UMC Utrecht: Jaco de Fockert-Koefoed