Our Institute for Preventive Health has received a positive advice from NWO to work towards a full proposal of their preproposal Healthy Lifestyle for low liTerate teenagerS! (LIFTS), to be submissed on 22 September. This 2,4 million Euro proposal involves all four alliance institutions, collaborators and co-funders.

Healthy Future for Teenagers

The aim is to collectively work towards increased chances of a healthy future of Praktijkschool teenagers. This unique and often neglected group of teenagers commonly has learning disabilities, low literacy, behavioral problems and they grow up in low socio-economic environments. Learning from books is not their cup of tea and this project aims to find out if specifically designed games and personalized feedback will improve not only the nutritional intake and increases physical activity of the teenagers, but also of their direct family members and peers.

More information

Would you like more information on Preventive Health or this specific project, please contact the programme director of Preventive Health, Martine van der Mast, martine.vandermast@wur.nl