Optimizing functioning and self-efficacy within different stages of life

Are you passionate about advancing preventive health through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research? Our Institute 4 Preventive Health (i4PH) is excited to introduce the next round of Seed Funds, a unique opportunity for researchers to catalyse collaborative projects and drive impact in the realm of preventive health.

About this call

Optimal physical, social and mental functioning and self-efficacy is important to live healthy and productive lives. This reflects all stages of life: e.g. reaching independence in adolescence, job participation in adulthood, and maintaining self-efficacy in the elderly population.

Within Preventive Health we want to understand how lifestyle and environmental factors influence the independent functioning of individuals, and what the role of their biological and social systems is. How do these factors impact resilience, and how can we enhance individuals’ self-efficacy through lifestyle, healthcare, and support from environmental, societal, and technological innovation?

We want to work on system changes where solutions from the different domains are combined to support the sustained transformative change towards well-being, independent functioning and sustained self-efficacy in different phases of life.

Research themes

Applicants are encouraged to submit project ideas that explore this domain. We also ask that your proposal fits within one of the four research themes:

Applicants can ask seed funding to support the further development of the Project Idea into a full, larger scale project application in 2024 (e.g. Horizon Europe, NWA, NWO, ZonMW, Health Holland, charitable fund (“collectebus fonds” etc.).

Who can submit?

We invite project ideas submitted by a group of at least three co-applicants, including postdoctoral researchers, tenured or tenure-track staff, and assistants employed by the alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, and UMC Utrecht (EWUU).


The Institute for Preventive Health has allocated a total of €150,000 for 2024, with a maximum of €30,000 per project. The funds can be used for various purposes related to preparing a larger grant application, such as personnel salaries, material costs, travel, and activities directly tied to the proposed project.


The deadline for this Seed Fund Call is October 15th 2023. Please download the following documents to apply for this Seed Fund.


For questions concerning this Call for Proposals, please contact Martine van der Mast (martine.vandermast@wur.nl), programme director i4PH.