The results from the “Online alternatives for practical education” project include podcasts on practical education, an overview mind map and inventory showcasing alternatives from the partners only as well as joint efforts in innovative practical education. Driven by societal and institutional changes, such as remote learning and growing student numbers, the project set out to support practical education by seizing new opportunities with the help of educational innovations.

Starting points

The project took people, products and processes as starting points to look at in this project.

These results indicate that practical education is crucial and deserves more attention than it is getting up to now. The project also highlights the importance of redesigning education to improve the quality of education, to make it more robust, and by collaboration within EWUU much was learned from each other. The project provided insights into the process of innovation, including stakeholder involvement, and formulating guidelines on how to support the iterative, dynamic process of innovation in education hope to further to educational innovation in practical education more tangible.

The project is still working on a scientific publication on innovation in practical education from the facts found and experiences obtained during this project.

More information

Visit the projectpage.


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