Consortia with top scientists from our different EWUU institutes will receive millions of euros as part of the Gravitation programme of NWO. With this they can carry out pioneering research over the next ten years. Minister Dijkgraaf (OCW) is making this funding available for researchers from one or more disciplines who work together in consortia. This promotes innovation, excellence and international positioning of Dutch research. With Gravitation, the government promotes excellent research in the Netherlands. It is intended for scientific consortia that are among the world’s top in their field or have the potential to reach that place.

List with awarded projects with main applicants from our four EWUU institutes:

  • Challenges in Cyber Security Main applicant: prof.dr. Tanja (T.) Lange, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • GreenTE: Green Tissue Engineering Main applicant: prof.dr. Dolf (D.) Weijers, Wageningen University & Research
  • FLOW  Main applicant: prof.dr. Ineke (L.J.) Braakman, Utrecht University
  • Adapt! Preparing societies for future crises Main applicant: prof.dr. Beatrice (B.A.) de Graaf, Utrecht University

See the website of NWO for further information