27 May 9.30 – 12.30

In this Sandpit workshop, the Circular Societies-group will identify and explore future research questions together with interested researchers. The meeting will start with pitches from practice of UMC Utrecht: which challenges do they encounter en route towards a circular hospital?

In breakout groups interdisciplinary expertises, researchers and develop research questions will be brought together. This will form the basis for defining a new postdoc-project which will be financed by the Circular Societies-group.

Interested? Keep an eye on this website or mail k.m.hollaender@uu.nl, we will then keep you informed.

The ambition of the Institute for Circular Societies is to do groundbreaking research relevant for practical solutions contributing to societal transitions towards circular Societies. We do this in close cooperation with societal partners. Circular Societies is the new platform where we bring our expertise together, next to the platform we will start up with two hubs: Circular Safe Hospital and Circular Cities.