The working group Circular Society organises an online sandpit session about the future circular hospital on 27 May from 9.30 – 12.30 hrs.

Our healthcare sector is a major polluter and circularity needs to be further integrated in our daily processes. The overall objective of this session is to identify topics where the knowledge and expertise of the four institutions can make a difference.

The meeting starts with plenary pitches in which the present situation is discussed and to define the overall goals. In the breakout sessions, first topics of the collaboration will be explored. Promising ideas and projects will receive follow-up and budget for realisation in a future session.

Do you agree with the urgency and want to make the change to a sustainable society? Can you contribute with your knowledge and expertise? Do these topics fit your research portfolio? Join the sandpit! Together we will make a change.

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  • Pitches from practice by UMC Utrecht
  • The 9 R’s of the circular society (refuse, reuse, recycle, etc.)
  • Thematic breakouts to dig deeper and unravel the challenges
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Topics on the radar

  • Disposables and waste
  • Energy transition in healthcare
  • Impact of pharmaceuticals on water
  • Integrate environmental and social impacts in daily practice: From ethics to practical solutions