BITT Challenge

Bio-Tech-Med Nutrition Interdisciplinary Team Training

Besides tackling their disease, patients and experts experience other disease-related challenges. They face challenges that can be technical, medical, nutritional, or a combination of all. In order to tackle these challenges, we place the patient in the middle.   

Together students from the medical research master SUMMA, master programmes of Biomedical sciences (UU), master programmes of the TU Eindhoven, and master programmes of Nutrition and Health (WUR), work in groups of 4-5 students to find solutions to tackle the challenge patients face. Combining the competencies from different students will create high potential patient centered solutions.  
This course aims to develop interdisciplinary competences by cross-boundary (research) collaboration between students with a medical, biomedical, nutritional and engineering background.  

Practical information

  • This challenge runs from March 15th, 2023 until June 7th, 2023
  • The study load consists of 3ECTS or 5 ECTS (extra assignment)
  • This course is for Master students
  • The course is in English
  • Online and offline
  • There are three meetings:
    March 21st, 2023 (UMC Utrecht)
    April 6th, 2023 (TU/e)
    June 7th, 2023 (WUR)

Teaching methods 

You will participate in interdisciplinary teamwork. Together with your team, you present the final outcome with a poster presentation. In addition, you will work on your learning objective and write a reflection paper about this. Please note: this course is not taught within the university system, you need to plan it yourself.


The deadline is different for each institute:
TU/e: Osiris (2, 5 ECTS, code 8GM10 or 5 ECTS, code 8GM15 ) until Januari 8th, 2023
WUR: Osiris (3 ECTS, code YNH6080 ) until Januari 22th, 2023
UU/UMC: Osiris (3 ECTS code BMB529019 or 5 ECTS code BMB539019) until November 25th, 2022.
Late registration from January 23th, 2023 until January 24th, 2023


René van Donkelaar
Anneke Berendts
Sanne ter Meulen-de Jong