Covid Challenge

In the Covid Challenge, student teams create innovative non-repressive solutions, in order to limit the negative impacts of Covid-19 in the daily lives of citizens. The proposed solutions can combine medical, technical, political, behavioural, economical and sustainability disciplines.​

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a new reality in the everyday lives of people around the world. The municipality of Utrecht is looking for solutions for its citizens. The aim is to deal with the restrictions due to the pandemic, AND to minimise the health, social and economic burden of the people of Utrecht. Certain target groups are more at risk of both the effects of the disease and the effects of the measures to avoid infection. 


The course is open for participation to third year Bachelor’s and all Master’s students from all academic and scientific backgrounds from TU/e, WUR, UU and UMCU. Students work in multi-disciplinary teams on this real-life challenge for which finding a solution requires the creative co-creation of new knowledge across the boundaries of existing practices. During the challenge students will be supported with experts on the content (e.g. from epidemiologists to policy makers, from sociologists to economists, and others) and coaches supporting the process. The challenge is completed with the presentation of the concepts that the teams have developed. ​The Municipality of Utrecht will seriously consider these concepts in relation to their policy and vision towards the Covid measures.

This 3.5 EC elective course runs from 19 April to 11 June 2021, with a student total course load of about 12 hours per week. From these 12 hours, you can expect to spend approximately 4 hours on online webinars or workshops by experts. These expert sessions will mostly be given on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Their recordings will also be available to you afterwards. Other than this, you will be spending time with your team on the development of your solution for the challenge. Finally, every week you will receive guidance from your coach.


Application is closed.


Sabine Uijl