Replacing Animal Testing Challenge

When we walk into our local supermarket, we can assume that the products we buy are not harmful for our health. What is often not realized is that all products are tested on animals: from the ingredients to the packaging, all is screened with use of laboratory animals. Not only food, also medicines like vaccines are extensively tested on animals. Is the use of animals for our product and medical safety important or could we do without? What would our supermarket and health care look like if we would stop animal testing today?  

In this challenge a group of 75 students and professionals will find solutions to the complex problem of animal testing in a multi-disciplinary context.

Practical information

  • The challenge starts on 14 February 2022 with a duration of 20 weeks until 1 July 2022
  • Bachelor, master and PhD students, third year students of the University of Applied Sciences as well as professionals
  • The course is in English
  • The study load consists of 7.5 EC
  • 10 hours of lessons per week and, if the COVID-19 restrictions allow it, physical meetings on 16 February, 18 March, 11 May and 1 July 2022

Teaching method

You work together in a team of preferably 6 – 7 participants with various backgrounds. You follow expert sessions, workshops, skills training and coaching sessions (both with the team and individually). During the physical meetings, you and your team pitch your ideas to a jury. A winner of the challenge will be chosen at the last meeting.


The registration deadline is 31 January 2022.
UU / UMC Utrecht students register via OSIRIS, TU/e and WUR students register via Eduxchange.

This challenge is in collaboration with Proefdiervrij


Sara Panis