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Interdisciplinary course: Dealing with a Pandemic

It’s virtually certain that we’ll face another pandemic, but we cannot know when or in what form it will reveal itself. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we can only stop an outbreak if we all work together. Sharing knowledge and experiences between organisations and sectors is crucial in order to effectively coordinate best practices. To help your organisation better prepare for a pandemic, you must possess knowledge from other disciplines as well. That is why the universities in Eindhoven, Wageningen and Utrecht have joined forces to create this course.

In this brief interdisciplinary course, you will:

  • Acquire basic knowledge about the spread, prevention and control of infectious diseases.
  • Receive guidelines to help your organisation deal with a pandemic.
  • Become familiar with how other sectors are confronted with a pandemic.

The course is intended for:

People who influence how their organisation deals with the impact of a pandemic. That includes policymakers from various levels in the fields of public administration, public order and security, facility management, research, architecture, ecology, economics, health care, biomedical, educational institution management, etcetera.

Practical information:

  • Start date: to be determined
  • Location: Utrecht and online