Alliance office, Vening Meinesz gebouw C, Princetonlaan 6, Utrecht, room 2.017

Are you interested to find out how Circular Safe Hospitals could look like? Which complex challenges we face and how you can participate in and contribute to the transition towards such circular hospitals?

Then please join our symposium and get inspired to solve these challenges in interdisciplinary collaborations with your alliance colleagues. During the symposium we will share our view on the sustainable future of hospitals and present the results of current (seed funded) projects.

Save the date and register here for this event.


  • 13:45 hrs coffee and tea
  • 14:00 hrs introduction to Circular safe hospitals
  • 14:25 hrs updates current projects
  • 15:25 hrs external research funding
  • 15:35 hrs break
  • 15:45 hrs pitch your project idea for the Call for projects
  • 16:00 hrs matchmaking sessions
  • 16:30 hrs networking drinks
  • 17:00 hrs end

Circular Safe Hospitals

The healthcare sector is one of the most carbon-intensive sectors, contributing to 7% of emissions in the Netherlands and responsible for 13% of the national footprint of material extraction. As such the sector is a major contributor to climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution of water, air and land that controversially, negatively impact human health and wellbeing. The aim of the hub Circular Safe Hospitals is to increase circularity in hospitals by developing and implementing systemic transdisciplinary circular (ánd safe) strategies and scalable solutions to minimize the ecological footprint and negative effects of the sector on global health.

This circular transition directly contributes to the mission of the Dutch health care sector to combat climate change, minimize resource depletion and to increase the overall health of our society (in line with the Green Deal Sustainable Healthcare).

Pitch your project idea

To enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration we invite (potential) applicants for the new Call for projects to pitch their ideas for projects. In case you want to pitch your project, please send us an e-mail with the title and short description (max 100 words) of the project idea to circularhospital@umcutrecht.nl before September 6th.

Matchmaking sessions & Networking drinks

To further inspire you to contribute to the sustainable future of hospitals and enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration, we facilitate matchmaking sessions in which we will deepen the project ideas that has been pitched.

We close the day with the opportunity to enlarge your network while enjoying some drinks. Everyone interested is welcome! 


Want to get engaged with the research on circular safe hospitals? Register via this link.