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Meet new people, create unusual networks: A more-than-research networking event! Register here by Wednesday, April 28!

Working from home makes it hard to meet new people. Among many other things, this creates a challenge for research innovation. The complexity of societal challenges demand unusual collaborations that move us away from the status quo and lead us towards transformation. The Centre of Unusual Collaboration  (CUCo) has the goal of facilitating and funding such collaborations.

More than research – event

To continue to bring people together in unusual (and not boring) ways, we are organizing a “more-than- research”  networking event on 30 April. Grab your beverage of choice and meet researchers from other institutes and diverse disciplines who share a passion for addressing key societal challenges in a fun and usual way.

Third CUCo symposium: 27 May

Don’t forget to save the date for the 3rd CUCo Symposium where teams will pitch unusual ideas with a view towards building unusual collaborations: 27 May 13.00 – 15.00.
If you want to pitch a Spark idea, get in touch!


Questions? Contact us a cuco@wur.nl