Waddenzee Summerlab

Broadening, deepening, enriching and connecting topics related to the Waddenzee and to the participants study or specific interest. Connecting topics of various kinds through their own (individual) background(s) and their training: bridging, bonding & crossovers in disciplines. In this way we open up different and hopefully unknown, unforeseen and new perspectives for all participants in the Waddenzee Summerlab.

Students design, in multidisciplinary and multi-institutions groups the workshops. The teachers remain in the background. Participants experience the Waddenzee: what you see is NOT what you get, there is so much more that you do not see (yet) and do not know about (yet). Therefore, the ‘unexpected’ is an important drive for the workshops, the events and in fact the whole experience.

Practical Information

  • 16 till 23 July students participate in this challenge on ship Utopia.
  • For Bachelor Honours students from:
    Wageningen University & Research
    Utrecht University
    Hanze Hogeschool
    NHL Stenden Leeuwarden
    Hogeschool Leiden
    Avans Hogeschool
    Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • All students are responsible for breakfast, lunch and dinner: preparing, serving, cleaning up.
  • All students will be in a ‘team’ which will sail the ship. It is impossible to sail a ship for 36 people with only 2: skipper and mate, so the will have to help out and will be instructed for that.
  • Workshop themes are: Sports & Games, Research & Science, Animals, Wad & Food, Storytelling and Sounds.
Ship Utopia